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3 Tips to Stop Winter Dryness

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Stacy Best-Nervis, Owner of Brownstone Spa provides 3 tips to stop dryness of your skin this winter.

If you're like me, my skin gets so dry during the winter months! Ever since I was a child my skin would get really dry all over my body and my face would be tight. It didn't help that I was using the wrong product for my face but I learned and now know how to keep my skin hydrated and protected in the winter.

Tip #1 - Cut Back on the Caffeine

I know you are thinking, what is she talking about! Caffeine!!! I need this to survive! LOL Cut back is all I said. Caffeine is a stimulant that gets us focused and energized in a pinch. Having too much caffeine that we are drinking more of in one case to warm us up can have an impact you may not realize to our skin. Too much caffeine ingested by coffee or teas can be dehydrating to our skin resulting in dryness and a dull appearance, making fine lines and wrinkles more prominent. Again I am not advocating to cut off your supply of coffee or teas but try cutting back if you are drinking multiple cups a day in the winter months and balance that out with drinking more cups of water.

Tip #2 - Stop Using Hot Water

Don't use scorching hot water to cleanse your body or face! All you are doing is zapping the moisture out of your skin! Try cooling your water down and even taking shorter showers to lock in that moisture. When you get out of the shower or bath make sure to pat your skin dry versus rubbing your skin dry. This helps to leave moisture on your skin. Immediately after drying your skin your can apply your moisturizer. If you have eczema like I do I often use the Cucumber Hydration Toner spray on dry areas on my body too before applying my moisturizer.

“I’m a better person when I’m moisturized.” -unknown

Tip #3 - Choose a New Moisturizer

It is completely normal to use different products for seasons throughout the year. If you are experiencing more dryness on your face try moving to the next hydrating product available. Below are my fave facial moisturizers this season! I personally have been enjoying the Acai Berry Moisturizer in the day and the Peptide Restoration Moisturizer in the evening.

Remember these 3 tips to stop winter dryness!

You can purchase the recommended products from this post on our website,

Do you experience winter dryness? Leave a comment below on what's worked for you.

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