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Brownstone Signature Facial        $100

Our unique signature service includes everything you need for results and relaxation. Great for FIRST TIME CLIENTS! A customized enzyme and mask is hand-picked based on your skin needs. This service also includes extractions, high frequency and LED treatment. Your experience ends with a luxurious hand, shoulder and facial massage.

Smooth Dermaplane                    $125

Our advanced treatment that removes fine hair for clearer, softer and smoother complexion. This treatment still includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis and an enzyme exfoliation to correct texture and tone of the skin.

Classic Man Facial                     $100

Designed specifically for our Male clients! Includes a double cleanse, barber wraps to soften the skin and an enzyme to help clear excess oil and dirt build up. Extractions and high frequency will be used to clean the pores followed by a customized mask.

Microdermabrasion                   $115

Our advanced treatment that improves the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, acne scarring and melasma. Our light abrasion that uses vacuum suction debris and oil along with LED light targeting acne and collagenproduction prouction is a great treatment!

HydroGlow Facial                     $150

Microcurrent is extremely beneficial for decreasing puffiness and lifting muscles to achieve incredible results without any need for Botox or fillers. Microcurrent is a type of electrotherapy that delivers micro-currents that mimic the body’s natural currents. When these micro-currents are delivered into the skin, the body interprets to stimulate the facial muscles. Our Microcurrent Facial combines LED to promote muscle stimulation and facial toning with calming, rejuvenating light therapy to decrease redness and kill acne-causing bacteria. Our Microcurrent facial includes a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, microcurrent session and alginate treatment mask, serums, moisturizer and SPF. -Decreases inflammation and calms acne -Stimulates muscle toning -Improves circulation -Relieves symptoms of rosacea -Improves skin elasticity and tightness -100% safe and painless -7 different colors for individualized treatments -Results are cumulative with increasing treatments

Microcurrent & LED Facial     $175  

Hydrodermabrasion is the latest in skincare combining the natural benefits of oxygen and water to shoot a pressurized stream of solution onto the skin. This procedure effectively removes dead skin cells at first contact, exfoliating and soothing the skin at the same time. Hydrodermabrasion hydrates, cleanses, and revitalizes skin while supporting healthy blood circulation, in turn, promoting the production of collagen and elastin fibers that tighten the skin and promote a youthful look. -Benefits sensitive skin that cannot undergo other forms of microdermabrasion -Decreases visibility of scarring and dark shadows -Improves blood circulation -Supports collagen and elastin production -Tightens skin -Leaves skin smooth and glowing -Uses all-natural elements and minerals Treatment includes deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, hydrodermabrasion, extractions, facial and hand massage, serums, treatment mask and moisturizer and SPF.

Brownstone Luxe Facial         $160

This treatment includes a double cleanse and skin analysis. Depending on your skin the smooth dermaplane treatment that removes dead skin, vellus hair (peach fuzz), will be performed or the microdermabrasion that buffs and softens the skin. Deeper exfoliation with a customized enzyme and extractions. Fall into a deep relaxation with a facial and shoulder massage, then enjoy a hand treatment and foot scrub. Your facial will end with a hydrojelly mask designed to soften and brighten the skin!

Microchanneling or NanoFacial  

Microchanneling is a minimally invasive treatment to stimulate the skin to rebuild collagen and elastin. Over time, the repeated process will build new collagen, creating healthier skin, improving the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin. This can also be used for hair regrowth. This treatment is best completed as a series, every 4 - 6 weeks. Treatment can take between 60 to 90 minutes. Includes enzyme, extractions and micrchannelling. No products are to be applied within 90-120 minutes of treatment

So Many Choices, not sure what to choose? Come in for a consultation! 

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